FAQ - Kids Camp

    What kind of accommodation shall be provided?
Most of our camps are held at lodges close to a forest but away from the city.

    What all is included in the cost?
Lodging, transportations, meals, snacks, activities and workshops.

    What kind of wildlife can we expect to see?
It depends on the area where the camp is held. Dandeli area has the beautiful Pied Hornbills. Kauvery basin has the rare Grizzled Squirrel. Each place has it's own indigenous species. Most areas have abundant bird life and very rich flora. Among birds you can see Kingfishers, Owls, Bee Eaters, Sun Birds, Ioras among others. There are also many butterfies of various different species.

    What about safety?
We take safety very seriously, strive hard to provide an exceptional experience.

We fully understand parents concerns about sending their kids for a camp. Rest assured that for a camp of approx 10-12 children, there shall be enough organizers(one per five children), all with very high levels of safety standards.

Further there will be support staff for helping out with tents, food and other logistics. We also watch for interpersonal dynamics and make sure all kids are comfortable all the time - physically and emotionally.

    What all do I need to bring?
A cap
Binocs if you have a pair
Change of clothes
Personal toiletries
A towel
A light sweatshirt/pullover

We shall provide bottled water, torches, mosquito repellant.

    What should I wear to the camp?
Wear neutral colored clothes. Jeans/Pants are better for treks.