Scuba Camp at Andamans - May 2013 Back

Dates: May 8th - May 12th

Age Group: 10 years to 18 years (and accompanying adult for children below 12)
Adults wanting to dive also welcome!

Location: Havelock Island
This summer, Bamboo Rustles takes you to one the most exotic of the Andaman Islands - Havelock Island. This place is popular for its beaches, laid back vibe and great scuba diving spots.

This is what our expedition looks like:

We embark on the trip with a flight from Bangalore to Port Blair. Then its a fun filled ferry ride from Port Blair to the Haverlock Islands during which, one gets the chance to spot the amazing 'Flying' fish.

We spend 4 days participating in multiple fun filled activities, taking in the magical sights and sounds of the Island, diving and snorkelling. In the evenings, we spend time admiring the star-filled sky and studying the constellations that we rarely see in crowded urban jungles.


    Scuba Diving
    Mangrove Safari
    Marine Life Workshop
    Coral Conservation Workshop
    Crab Spotting

Sounds interesting? Come, join us on this exploration.
Cost: Rs 55,000. Which includes airfare, lodging, ferry tickets, transfers, food, activities and 2 discover scuba dive sessions!

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