Young Naturalist Training Camp - Caterpillar Level Back

Dates: March 31st - Ist April
Age Group: 10 years to 15 years
Naturalist : Jagadeesh Seshadri

This is what our expedition looks like:

We meet at 8:30AM at the Bannerghatta National Park from where the jeeps take us to our camp in the forest.Our camp is situated within the National Park in the midst of the forest next to a lake where you can find some crocodiles besides a variety of birds. As we settle in and break the ice, getting to know each other, we brief you on what you can expect through the next two days.

We start off with a session on the basics of natural history, what kind of flora and fauna to find in what part of the world. After the first workshop, we have a light lunch. Then we have some light-hearted games and then we head out for our first nature walk into the forest to get a hint of the bigger picture. Here's where our naturalist puts in perspective why, say, a warbler (a small bird) is as important to protect as a tiger - it truly is!

And while we are all digesting this important point of view, we realize the night has set in and it is time to have some hot-off-the-barbecue goodies. Accompanied by old campfire lore we prepare to call it a night - but not before we take a good look at our ceiling. You got it, the star studded ceiling that we rarely see through hot city lights.

We wake with the dawn on Day 2 and set off for another trip into the forest. Imagine sitting under a tree and listening to birdcalls, trying to identify them Or seeing only a wing or a beak and guessing what bird that might belong to. Here's where our naturalist will teach you tips and tricks of birding. Working up a healthy appetite, we return to the camp in time for breakfast. We then have another workshop with an interesting and interactive team activity which is loads of fun too! After that we pack up our belongings and have lunch.

The we head for our final discussion under the trees. This one will jog our memories and see just how much we've observed over the trip. It will be fun, but challenging too - time to put on those thinking caps for sure!

We call it a day around 3.30 pm and head back to our homes to be back before 5.00 pm. A weekend well spent indeed!

Sounds interesting? Come, join us on this exploration and you shall be hooked for life.
Cost: Rs 3900/-


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