Amateur Naturalist Training Programme - ANTP Camp
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Do you have a healthy interest in everything wild? Do you scan the surrounds when you hear the call of a kingfisher? If curiosity about the wild world is your thing and you want to learn more, our Amateur Naturalist Training programme for adults is just the dose of gyaan you need to make you walk a little taller, the next time you are outdoors!

This ANTP (Amateur Naturalist Training Program) camp is the first in a series of camps planned.

Dates: 25th and 26thth Feb
Location: JLR (Jungle Lodges) Bannerghatta
Naturalist Instructor: Ulhas Anand

This is what our expedition looks like:

We meet at 8:30am at the JLR Bannerghatta parking lot across the Bannerghatta zoo from where the JLR jeeps pick us up to take us to the camp 10 minutes away. The camp is right next to Bannerghatta National Park with ample wildlife and rich in flora. As we settle in and break the ice, getting to know each other, we brief you on what you can expect through the next two days.

We start off with a session on Natural History. Here's where our naturalist puts in perspective why, say, a leaf-warbler is as important for conservation as a tiger. In this session we gain perspective and understanding from the experts on where we are and where we are headed.

Our second workshop is on birds - the various types, the habitat, what they feed on. You learn about the rump, the crown, the vent - the different body parts that are often used in the names of the birds. Our naturalist will guide you through bird calls and identification. The area we have picked out has an abundance of birds and you'll be amazed at what you learn in a very short time.

Then it's time for lunch, after which we have some games and then we settle into our tents for some rest. Then we set off for a trip into the forest to put into practice what we have learnt.

By now, we’ll have worked up a good appetite and a barbecue alfresco is just what the naturalists ordered. Accompanied by old campfire lore we prepare to call it a night - but not before we take a good look at our ceiling. Star-gazing is a luxury for us city dwellers and away from hot city lights, we try our hand at telling constellations apart and photography enthusiasts are welcome to take a shot at some long-exposure night shots.

We wake with the dawn on Day 2 and set off for a trek. But this is not just any trek. We take our time to smell the flowers - literally. The biodiversity in this area is amazing and we pay due respect to the small wonders of our world. We return to the camp in time for breakfast and then a discussion at the camp. We learn about the butterflies this time and how to identify the various ones. We also spend some time to jog our memories and see just how much we’ve observed and learnt on this camp.

After a break for lunch we get into our final workshop - Flora n Fauna in the city. There is more “wildlife” in urban areas than we think. It is just a question of knowing where to look. And this last session at Bamboo Rustles will help you see it, enjoy it and share it! We finally call it a day and head back, get back into our vehicles at the Bannerghatta parking point departing around 4.30 so that participants can be home by about 5.15 -530 pm.

Sounds interesting? Come, join us on this ANTP camp!

Cost : Rs 4500/-

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