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  • What kind of accomodation shall be provided?
    To be away from the city and to be one with nature, we shall be setting up a camp with tents/thatched huts on a private land close to a forest.

  • What all is included in the cost?
    Accomodation, snacks, lunches, barbequeue, dinner, drinks, water, workshops.

  • Are we going to be camping in the forest?
    No we shall be camping in a secure private area close to a forest.

  • What kind of wildlife can we expect to see?
    Though one can see signs of various animals on jungle treks, the area has abundant bird life and rich flora.

  • What about safety for the camp ?
    We take safety very seriously. There will also be enough support staff at the camp to help with tents, food and other logistics.

  • Any other terms and conditions ?
    We reserve the right to make changes to the programme and change the location of the camp if we feel it will be a better experience for the participants.

  • What all do I need to bring?
    A cap
    Binocs if you have a pair
    A change of clothes
    Personal toiletries
    A towel
    A light sweatshirt/pullover
    Mosquito repellant

  • What should I wear to the camp?
    Wear neutral colored clothes. Jeans/Pants are better for treks.