What to Expect and FAQ
    What should I expect at the Bamboo Rustles Campsite?

As a guest puts it "It's a place near this small village which makes it very rustic with no worldly amenities - no fast food, no junk food, no TV, no cell phones... A perfect place to just spend time with nature and each other."

Most of the team that comes on the weekend is nature enthusiasts and are still under hospitality training. But we care and want to look after you. Please let us know if we can do anything for you at the site and we shall try our best.

Also if the naturalist is at the camp - ask him to tell you wildlife stories and take you for nature walks.

The food is cooked by local villagers on firewood and sometimes on gas stove when we have a group. Unfortunately, we are often running late serving food. Please feel free to get involved and ask for food to be cooked at the tree house infront of you. This way you can monitor the chillies the local Andhra villagers love to put in the food :)

    What kind of accommodation shall be provided?

We have dome tents that have custom made comfortable cotton futon mattresses. Good for 2 adults and a child. Folks booking tents get to use the bath and toilet of the studio cottage. We also have boutique rammed earth cottages which are very spacious and have an attached bath.

    Are the bathrooms clean?

The founders have worked hard to make nice western bathrooms. We count on local help to keep them maintained.

    What about the food and beverages?

We have found some locals who cook up a delicious simple meal. Sometimes when the cook is busy with festivities we may get the food from the town close by. We strongly encourage you to bring marinated veggies/chicken to barbeque on the camp fire. We have RO filtered water but don't have any beverages at the camp. We encourage you to get your own beverages, ice and healthy snacks, especially if you have children with you. We try to keep the site plastic free. Please help us keep the site that way.

    What kind of wildlife can we expect to see?

Though one can see signs of various animals on jungle treks, the area has abundant bird life and very rich flora. This place is one of the few places where you can find Chameleons (not just the changeable lizards) in abundance. Among birds you can see Parakeets, Leafbirds, Shrikes, Night Jars, Black Eagles, Short Toed Eagles, Shikras, Bee Eaters among others. There are also many butterfies of various different species.

    Can I get my dog to the camp?

You are welcome to get your dog to the camp. We have two friendly dogs - Coco and Chica at the camp. Please ask the manager to tie them up if your dog does not get along with them.

    What about lighting?

We have deliberately kept less lighting so that guests can enjoy the beautiful night sky. We have an eco-friendly solar powered system and are proud that even our borewell is run on solar.

The cottages have solar lighting but depending on whether it's cloudy and the usage during the day, there is a chance that the solar batteries may run out anytime after 10 pm. We request you to use chargeable lanters/flashlights in that eventuality. Though we have a few chargeable lanterns for you to take around at the camp and use in the cottage, we request you to bring a couple of flashlights from your home.

We have a generator to be used as a backup but avoid using it so that we can enjoy the quiet of the night.

    What all do I need to bring?

Bedsheet for Mattress(if tenting)
Blanket/Light quilt/sleeping bag(if tenting)
A pillow(if tenting)
Towel & Toiletries
Flash Light
Pullover/Light Jacket (it could get a little chilly at night)
Pair of night clothes
A water bottle
Other things that you feel is necessary (ex. medicine , games , etc.)
Binoculars if you have a pair
Change of clothes
Shoes to wear at night for walking around in the night.

    Do I need to get my own bedsheet and pillow covers if I am staying in the cottage?

You dont have to but may want to if you are particular. We do this for hygiene reasons. We like to have our guests get their own sheets and pillow cases as we are not confident that given our infrastructure, we will be able to provide clean and stain free sheets and pillow cases everytime. And dirty sheets are a big turn off.

    What should I wear to the camp?
Wear neutral colored clothes. Jeans/Pants are better for treks.

    Is it really an eco nature camp?

The cottages are built of rammed earth and the layering is beautiful. The roof is local coconut wood and local thatch. We have used minimal amount of cement and steel.
We use only manure procured locally for the plants and trees and the camp is free of synthetic fertilizers.
We work very hard with the local team and villagers to encourage them to not use plastic cups, plates and spoons but it has been a struggle. If you find use of plastic cups, spoons etc, please feel free to give the local team a friendly scolding.
We treasure any feedback and suggestions you may have. Feel free to email the founder at sachin@bamboorustles.com

    What about the activities?

Some activities are included and others are not. One of the best activities is the early morning trek. We strongly encourage you to go for it.
The Tree House is a great hangout area before or after dinner and open to all.
The Jungle Pool is great to jump in. The kids love it!
The rope bridge is for the adventurous. Though some find it fun, others find is risky. Please use it at your own risk and definitely not if you had a few drinks. Please be responsible and have fun.
We also request that you let the manager know upon arrival what activities you would like to go for during your stay. Also after dinner, before you retire for the night, please let the manager know how many of you shall be going for the early morning trek the next day.

A NOTE FROM THE FOUNDER: "Dear Guests, Bamboo Rustles is a basic rustic nature camp off the electric grid working on solar and using ground water. I request and thank you in advance for your understanding and flexibility as far as the limitations are concerned - be it the simplicity of food or "not so clear" bathing water. I feel the natural surroundings and the charm of close to camping experience makes up for it. Have a great stay"